Setting assessments just got easier

Streamline assessment creation with our intuitive & dynamic platform! The Virtual Schools Exam Builder is a user-friendly tool that allows educators to seamlessly set tests, assignments and exams. Search and customise existing tests and exams or make your own paper from scratch by crafting unique questions or importing questions from our library.

Our exam builder is a powerful tool that simplifies the exam creation process for teachers, schools, and organisations. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, users can easily create, customise, and manage exams that align with their curriculum and learning objectives.

Organisations, schools, departments & teachers can now organise and manage their exams and questions from a centralized database which allows for an efficient & streamlined assessment creation process.

How it Works

Create an exam
Add the grade, subject, topics and instructions as well as the time and mark allocation for the assessment
Add the questions
Create a new question by selecting from a list of different question types or select and customise a question from our library
Render the paper & memo
Complete the process by rendering a printable exam PDF with a separate memo sheet. Both branded with your organisation's emblem.

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Exam Papers
Exambuilder has transformed my speed and accuracy of putting superb exam papers out rapidly.
Its a game changer and so easy to use
Catherine Botha ,Grade 11 Maths Teacher